The Vibes

The Vibes:

Systems, transparency, loyalty and dedication are the building blocks of a successful house and community. The rewards of which are unimaginable for our collective futures on this planet, and our collective dent in this universe.
As a community, every single person is of the utmost importance, for one weak link can corrupt the chain.
At this time, we speculate on a bountiful sustainable system, and implant changes to work towards that moving forward, while being agile and open to new ideas and perspectives along the way.
A key note to our nature of agile progression is the ability to spot someone who is not conducive to the environment and ask them to leave. In full transparency, we should make it known that this is the case. And at a weeks notice anyone should be ready to pack up and go, especially during the initial period of testing the symbiosis in the environment.
Our media outlets should pose a strong foothold in our future, for the progression of solid media, and it’s uptake in the world and internet will provide everything we need and more in terms of connections to the greater world, and provide consistent distribution of our products, ideas, and services to the attention span of the world.
Through our authentic media of the creation of businesses, and showing that process transparently to the public puts eyeballs on our house and operation, pumping up the ecosystem as a whole. As we solve the problem of possible verified applicants, as with any supply and demand curve, if there’s a much bigger supply, you can get a much better value.

The Golden Era:

It has occurred to us that the city we live in, the house we have, and the connections who come through the doors, provide any driven man or woman with an unmatched amount of opportunity.
The risk and reward here is truly monumental, and our common goal should continue to grow in strength and mind as our reach and value grows itself.
The goals in mind are listed below:
  1. Create financial freedom for our community
  1. Increase perspective and meaning in lives of people in the world
  1. Decrease human suffering
  1. Help ensure humanities existence
  1. Fight for our own persistence
These goals are numbered and in order for a reason. They do not work out one by one in order. They act as a scale of ease to completion but may all be worked on congruently. As it is also true that the progression of any one goal feeds the others here. Creating a large surplus of funds will give the resources it takes to take on these visions with stride.

Modern Spartans:

We are not here to get wealthy enough to live in this house and party, we are not here to get wealthy enough to travel the world, we are not here to get wealthy to splurge and to ride private jets. We are here to get wealthy enough to decrease the suffering of hundreds of millions of human beings, including our parents, ourselves, and of our children. We are here to take the first opportunity a mere mortal has at entering into a new era of the cosmos, where magic exists. We are here to not regret not being a part of the most amazing thing one can dream one, and not involving ourselves together in a happy, hopeful, driven, and symbiotic community who is truly reaching for the stars.
For if we do not recruit based on the purpose, and surround ourselves with others who keep on path, our direction will falter. While the sun warms up the earth gently, a simple magnifying glass a meter wide can scorch wood into a flame in an instant. Energy is nothing without a focus and direction. With a collective of pioneers, looking to shape the future, with the resources and connections we already have, any forward thinking and hard working man or woman can be brought into greatness.
We wish to create a culture which not only has perspective of ourselves in the grand picture of the universe but a drive to work towards being a part of that future and good vibes along the way so we can be content viewing the journey as the destination.
Thus the goal is to create a community akin to the Spartans. While the Spartans sought the fight with man, we seek the fight FOR man. With the Grim Reaper in our sights, we use our brains not brute to attack.
The Spartans were so great because of their culture. Everyone was top tier, everyone was committed, and if they were not, they were not allowed to be a Spartan. There is no reason to restrict ourselves and our community to that of “normal” and mediocre. It stands without need for much explanation that normal actions produce normal results. Now this does not mean we have to act with extreme willpower to produce extreme results, this does not mean we have to suffer the most to get the most results. We may have to be uncomfortable, we may have to adapt in order to work smarter, but this alone is not hard. With the right support system, with the right team, and the right culture the action becomes natural and heavily gratifying to work as one. The spartans represent a Powerhouse. The spartans represent a collective force of energy.