Powerhouse | Powering Innovation

Powerhouse | Powering Innovation

The Goal:

To build a powerful network of great founders and great companies and to power a greater future.
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The Vision:

Powerhouse brings talented people together who are passionate about entrepreneurship. We focus on supporting founders at the earliest stages and building them up, by deliver a course, and salary for people to dream big, to inspire, and be inspired. We are creating a culture of collaboration and contribution and teaching entrepreneurs to be effective.
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Our Process:

We take founders through a rigorous Bootcamp-style process of starting a business. This Bootcamp is not for everyone, only those who are up for the challenge and are ready to build and grind.
"Jack is one of the best coaches I’ve ever met. I used to play football competitively, and just like my coaches back then, she never lets you take a shift off. He pulls you through a well-oiled process that he’s developed over her years as an entrepreneur himself. That’s the second reason why he’s so good at what he does - unlike a lot of business coaches, he’s still very much in the game. He’s constantly building businesses and investing in them, so she has an intimate and contemporary knowledge of what you’re going through as an entrepreneur. If you have an early-stage business idea and need an excellent process and an expert guide to get it off the ground, Jack is the perfect coach for you." - Mack C.

The Community

Our community consists of builders, creators, developers, designers, community builders, and marketers who are driven to create a better world. We sharpen each other by working together, alongside each other, and supporting one another’s projects. There are many opportunities for collaboration, learning from each other, and combining our experience and influence to grow our reach and potential.

The Hosts:

We are serial entrepreneurs, builders, investors, and advisors. We lead by example and have built and invested in multiple startups. We are looking to empower the next generation of founders who are committed to taking their business to the next level.
We become builders by building, and we become harpists by playing the harp. Similarly, then, we become just by doing actions, temperate by doing temperate actions, brave by doing brave actions. Whether you are a leader in business or not. If you have the wit, we will have you act, and become one. For those that are already leaders, we will sharpen you.

Our Values:

Vibes: Positive vibes all around
Impact: Mission-driven and focused on making an impact
Contribution: Desire to give back, willingness to teach and learn, and wanting to help others succeed
Empowerment: Radical responsibility, discipline, and empowering each other
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What to Expect:

There will be 5 lessons a week and you will have time to work on your startup full time. These lessons are meant to support and enhance your business but if you need to tend to customers or go meet an investor during any of the lesson times, by all means, serve your customer!
We will also share tools that has helped us launch businesses, as well as best practices to help you stay in flow throughout the program. You will be living with people and meeting new friends! We practice daily meditation and gratitude if you’d like to join. We will also periodically bring in guest teachers to offer other perspectives.
Most of the lessons will be taught at the main house but you are also welcome to tune in remotely. Further details will be shared upon enrollment.

The Timeline:

Our cohorts runs throughout the year and will bring together the 12 founders aspiring founders for a 6-week bootcamp, a hands on, intense program that will cover the fundamentals of launching a business, vision casting, fundraising, and growth.
The house comes with a built-in growth engine and value-added services you can plug into. We expect 100% of founders to launch businesses, and each will have the opportunity to get in front of investors at the Startup Pitch Competition at the end of the bootcamp.

The Application:

Please submit your applications to be considered for the program. We will book calls with the final applicants that are selected.
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